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The right way to Detect Failed Requests through Net Extensions

Among the best issues that ever occurred to t he consumer expertise of the online has been net extensions. Browsers are highly effective however extensions convey a brand new degree of performance. Whether or not it is crypto wallets, media gamers, or different widespread plugins, net extensions have change into important to day by day duties.

Engaged on MetaMask, I’m thrust right into a world of creating every little thing Ethereum-centric work. A type of functionalities is guaranteeing that .eth domains resolve to ENS when enter to the deal with bar. Requests to https://vitalik.ethnaturally fail, since .eth is not a natively supported high degree area, so we have to intercept this errant request.

// Add an onErrorOccurred occasion through the browser.webRequest extension API
browser.webRequest.onErrorOccurred.addListener((particulars) => {
  const { tabId, url } = particulars;
  const { hostname } = new URL(url);

  if(hostname.endsWith('.eth')) {
    // Redirect to wherever I would like the consumer to go
    browser.tabs.replace(tabId, { url: `${hostname}}` });
  sorts: ['main_frame'],

Net extensions present a browser.webRequest.onErrorOccurred methodology that builders can plug into to hear for errant requests. This API does not catch 4** and 5** response errors. Within the case above, we search for .eth hostnames and redirect to ENS.

You could possibly make use of onErrorOccurred for any variety of causes, however detecting customized hostnames is a good one!

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