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Quantum Computing Utilized to Optical Fibre Community

Using quantum computing, strategic community factors will be analysed for enchancment.

Cinfo and Kipu Quantum have collaborated on a venture utilizing quantum computing to boost the resilience and robustness of the Galician operator’s optical fibre community, utilizing the R infrastructure. This venture applies quantum computing’s capabilities to evaluate the community’s potential to resist outages and important conditions.

The quantum algorithm developed can pinpoint the community’s most weak nodes, these whose failure might considerably affect service continuity. This perception permits proactive measures, leveraging present quantum expertise, to boost community availability and repair high quality.

– Commercial –

Cinfo ready the community mannequin for this venture, aligning it with the capabilities of obtainable quantum computer systems. Kipu Quantum contributed by creating the quantum algorithm mannequin for analysing the R spine community.

The evaluation concerned two phases: utilizing quantum annealers and impartial atoms. In contrast to standard computing, neutral-atom quantum computer systems, with their giant qubit capability, course of information in the identical timeframe no matter community measurement.

Within the venture’s first section, a quantum annealer analysed every node on presently obtainable quantum computer systems, significantly utilizing 180 of D-Wave’s 5,627 qubits for preliminary community classification and smart segmentation. The second section used QuEra’s quantum laptop, using 20 qubits for predominant lattice construction evaluation and 46 qubits for mixed sublattice constructions.

This strategy, integrating completely different quantum computing applied sciences, was facilitated by cloud companies from suppliers like AWS Braket and D-Wave. Cloud capabilities allowed for the efficient mixture of those applied sciences.

Kipu Quantum is concentrated on reaching quantum benefit with application- and hardware-specific algorithms, adaptable to present {hardware}. Their experience spans varied fields, from optimization and logistics to finance, AI, and chemical molecule design.

The R community case examine presents a chance for enchancment in superior fibre community infrastructures. By using quantum computing, strategic community factors will be analysed for enchancment. As quantum computer systems evolve, their elevated energy will enable for extra complicated variables in algorithmic research, paving the best way for processing extra intricate networks like R’s spine by 2025.



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