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ios – Easy methods to decode dynamic keys utilizing prefix

I wish to decode strIngredient1, strIngredient2, strIngredient3 to an array and strMeasure1, strMeasure2, strMeasure3 to a separate array. How can we do that utilizing decodable and Coding keys. I’ve an object that conforms to the decodable protocol and a perform public init(from decoder: Decoder)

  "meals": [
      "idMeal": "53049",
      "strMeal": "Apam balik",
      "strDrinkAlternate": null,
      "strCategory": "Dessert",
      "strArea": "Malaysian",
      "strInstructions": "Mix milk, oil and egg together. Sift flour, baking powder and salt into the mixture. Stir well until all ingredients are combined evenly.rnrnSpread some batter onto the pan. Spread a thin layer of batter to the side of the pan. Cover the pan for 30-60 seconds until small air bubbles appear.rnrnAdd butter, cream corn, crushed peanuts and sugar onto the pancake. Fold the pancake into half once the bottom surface is browned.rnrnCut into wedges and best eaten when it is warm.",
      "strMealThumb": "",
      "strTags": null,
      "strYoutube": "",
      "strIngredient1": "Milk",
      "strIngredient2": "Oil",
      "strIngredient3": "Eggs",
      "strIngredient4": "Flour",
      "strIngredient5": "Baking Powder",
      "strIngredient6": "Salt",
      "strIngredient7": "Unsalted Butter",
      "strIngredient8": "Sugar",
      "strIngredient9": "Peanut Butter",
      "strIngredient10": "",
      "strIngredient11": "",
      "strIngredient12": "",
      "strIngredient13": "",
      "strIngredient14": "",
      "strIngredient15": "",
      "strIngredient16": "",
      "strIngredient17": "",
      "strIngredient18": "",
      "strIngredient19": "",
      "strIngredient20": "",
      "strMeasure1": "200ml",
      "strMeasure2": "60ml",
      "strMeasure3": "2",
      "strMeasure4": "1600g",
      "strMeasure5": "3 tsp",
      "strMeasure6": "1/2 tsp",
      "strMeasure7": "25g",
      "strMeasure8": "45g",
      "strMeasure9": "3 tbs",
      "strMeasure10": " ",
      "strMeasure11": " ",
      "strMeasure12": " ",
      "strMeasure13": " ",
      "strMeasure14": " ",
      "strMeasure15": " ",
      "strMeasure16": " ",
      "strMeasure17": " ",
      "strMeasure18": " ",
      "strMeasure19": " ",
      "strMeasure20": " ",
      "strSource": "",
      "strImageSource": null,
      "strCreativeCommonsConfirmed": null,
      "dateModified": null



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