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ios – Cycle in dependencies between targets ‘XYZ’ and ‘XYZ_appTests’ in Xcode for React Native mission on macOS


I’m organising a React Native mission on my MacBook Professional and have put in the required instruments: Node.js, Xcode, Ruby, and CocoaPods. I’ve additionally configured .xcode.env correctly. Regardless of following varied troubleshooting steps, together with reinstalling pods, I’m encountering a dependency cycle concern in Xcode. This concern seems to be between the mission goal XYZ and its take a look at goal XYZ_appTests.

Right here is the particular error message I am receiving in Xcode construct:

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Cycle in dependencies between targets 'XYZ' and 'XYZ_appTests'; constructing might produce unreliable outcomes.
Cycle path: XYZ → XYZ_appTests → XYZ
Cycle particulars:
→ Goal 'XYZ' has an express dependency on Goal 'XYZ_appTests'
→ Goal 'XYZ_appTests' has an express dependency on Goal 'XYZ'

Uncooked dependency cycle hint:

goal:  ->

node: <all> ->

command: <all> ->

node: /Customers/ABC/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/XYZ_app-fxthweyuptefnvbhpnarzdbbdzjd/Construct/Merchandise/Debug-iphonesimulator/ ->

command: P0:target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6-:Debug:Copy /Customers/ABC/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/XYZ_app-fxthweyuptefnvbhpnarzdbbdzjd/Construct/Merchandise/Debug-iphonesimulator/ /Functions/ ->


node: <target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--ModuleVerifierTaskProducer> ->

command: P0:::Gate target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--ModuleVerifierTaskProducer ->

node: <target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--ModuleMapTaskProducer> ->

command: P0:::Gate target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--ModuleMapTaskProducer ->

node: <target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--HeadermapTaskProducer> ->

command: P0:::Gate target-XYZ-6f744c8ebba6034abf56e0311272f9237ceb6b36bcfc2fb90f69ac96de4975d6--HeadermapTaskProducer ->

node: /Customers/ABC/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/XYZ_app-fxthweyuptefnvbhpnarzdbbdzjd/Construct/Intermediates.noindex/XYZ_app.construct/Debug-iphonesimulator/XYZ.construct/all-product-headers.yaml ->

I perceive that this type of dependency cycle could cause unreliable construct outcomes, however I am uncertain tips on how to resolve this. I’ve tried the next steps with out success:

  • Reinstalled CocoaPods.
  • Checked and reconfigured construct settings or construct part.
  • Looked for round dependencies within the mission configuration.

Regardless of these efforts, the problem persists. How can I repair this dependency cycle between the XYZ and XYZ_appTests targets? Any steering or ideas can be drastically appreciated.




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