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command line – how one can improve to clang 16 in macOS

The present clang model is 14 in my macOS 13.3.1 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a):

> clang --version
Apple clang model 14.0.3 (clang-1403.
Goal: arm64-apple-darwin22.4.0
Thread mannequin: posix
InstalledDir: /Purposes/

I wish to improve the clang to 16, then I attempted like this adopted

> sudo port set up clang-16
--->  Computing dependencies for clang-16
--->  Cleansing clang-16
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors
--->  No damaged recordsdata discovered.
--->  No damaged ports discovered.

however the clang model continues to be 14, what ought to I do to improve the clang to 16? I additionally tried like this:

> brew improve clang
==> Auto-updating Homebrew...
Alter how typically that is run with HOMEBREW_AUTO_UPDATE_SECS or disable with
HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE. Cover these hints with HOMEBREW_NO_ENV_HINTS (see `man brew`).
Warning: No distant 'origin' in /choose/homebrew/Library/Faucets/homebrew/homebrew-services, skipping replace!
==> Auto-updated Homebrew!
Up to date 1 faucet (homebrew/cask).

You may have 45 outdated formulae and 6 outdated casks put in.

Error: No obtainable method with the identify "clang". Did you imply cln, cling, clear, vlang, clingo or clac?

what ought to I do to improve the clang? ought to I improve the macOS operation system to the most recent model? That is the macPorts clang path /choose/native/bin:

> ls *clang*
clang++-mp-16                  clang-cpp-mp-16                clang-include-fixer-mp-16      clang-offload-packager-mp-16   clang-reorder-fields-mp-16     clangd-mp-16
clang-apply-replacements-mp-16 clang-doc-mp-16                clang-linker-wrapper-mp-16     clang-pseudo-mp-16             clang-repl-mp-16               clangd-xpc-test-client-mp-16
clang-change-namespace-mp-16   clang-extdef-mapping-mp-16     clang-move-mp-16               clang-query-mp-16              clang-scan-deps-mp-16          git-clang-format-mp-16
clang-check-mp-16              clang-format-mp-16             clang-mp-16                    clang-refactor-mp-16           clang-tblgen-mp-16             run-clang-tidy-mp-16
clang-cl-mp-16                 clang-include-cleaner-mp-16    clang-offload-bundler-mp-16    clang-rename-mp-16             clang-tidy-mp-16

there appears no clang. That is the present clang path:

> whereis clang
clang: /usr/bin/clang /Purposes/



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